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pronouns are she/her

| 18 | Sagittarius | Mexican | TX |

please don't be afraid to tell me what to tag or to call me out on possibly offensive material thank you ♡

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i want queer community events that dont revolve around alcohol or sex or cis gay men or drag queens thanks !

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*father on deathbed*
Father: Come closer son. Learn the family secret.
Son: Yes, Father?
Father: *whispers* Peanut butter. Chocolate. Great when separate. But when they combine? Make the morning time epic.
Son: Morning time epic?
Father: Morning time epic.

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neondye said: Ah sorry again, but the post I mentioned that was causing trouble with the aoi hana tag was your screen cap of your desktops home screen! Just so you aren't confused. Sorry again!!


Hey, I would love to untag my post but I never had a Aoi Hana tag in this post to begin with? I’m not sure why it appears in the aoi hana tag… O.o

I think tumblr is now taking posts with select words for tags a user is tracking?? if thats the case, would u mind editing the post so it says “sweet blue flowers/little blue flowers” instead? Very sorry!!!!

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where did u come from where did u go where did u come from TUMBLR USER FINNEMORON

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theres a post in the aoi hana tag that keeps messin up the while thing and i want to ask the user to remove it since it has almost nothing to do with the manga/anime anyway but i dont want to be ruuuuude ;w;

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